• Get to know Don Pasquale’s Andrew Potter•

Bass Andrew Potter has garnered increasing demand across the country for his larger than life stage presence and voice to match. Of a recent performance in L’elisir d’amoreOpera Today hailed, “With his huge, all?encompassing bass voice and precise comic timing he nearly stole the show.” Opera Santa Barbara is thrilled to have Andrew along for it’s live drive-in opera adaptation for Don Pasquale, directed by Pacific Opera Project’s Josh Shaw. He will be singing the title role as “Donald J. Pasquale” in what is sure to be a hilarious production. Get to know a little bit more about Andrew ahead of the show at Concerts In Your Car in Ventura, CA on Saturday, April 10 at 7:30PM.

  • What’s the best love story in opera?
    Andrew: Ballad of Baby Doe!!! (Emphasis Andrew)

  • What’s different about doing a comic opera?
    It has WAY more physical activity, and for me there’s often some “vocal antics” mixed in with the singing. Basso-Buffos get to have a great time creating a character.


  • Favorite Recording of Don Pasquale (or favorite singer who sang in it)?
    Donald Gramm/ Beverly Sills


  • What tune from the opera gets stuck in your head the most?
    “Cheti Cheti”, of course! Haha.


  • This might be one of your first opportunities to do live opera since last March. What has the rehearsal experience been like? Any favorite moments?
    Well, first, it’s just so good to be back. Secondly, the outdoor setting and working with masks on definitely tests the technique. That being said, this cast has been crushing it from day one! One of my favorite moments was the revealing of “the tie.” (You have to wait for the show to find out more…)


  • Would you rather go on a blind date set up by your mom or one matched from Tinder set up by your first ex?
    Oh, good Lord. I’ll take my mom’s set up 11 times out of ten ?


  • If you could give love advice to your character, what would it be?
    Be yourself, relax, and act your age!


  • Best part of being in SB?
    The cast, and the weather!


Don’t miss Andrew and the rest of the cast of Don Pasquale! Get your tickets now: https://bit.ly/OSBPasqualeLive