Opera’s Francesca Zambello Talks With Huffington Post

Francesca Zambello ranks among the world’s most prolific opera and musical theater directors.  “We’re all pursuing the question of how to make opera more relevant for today. I believe that if content is relevant, people will make that connection. We don’t have to hit them over the head, but hopefully our patrons will go home and think about what they’ve seen and heard, and a deeper meaning will emerge.  Regarding Aida, it was the start of Arab Spring as I was planning this season, and I thought, ‘This is a piece with contemporary relevance — one culture trying to dominate another.’ I’ve only directed Aida once before in Geneva. It’s an opera I’ve been around a lot, but I want to create an intimate version. I think our Aida, Michelle Johnson, could be the new Leontyne [Price].”

– Susan Dormady Eisenberg