Over the last year we have made some changes to our ticket pricing and policies.  Some of our new practices differ from those of other arts organizations, and depart from long-established industry norms.  Some patrons have expressed confusion or curiosity about how we do things now, and the reasons behind our decisions. Here are some frequently asked questions and the answers.

Q: How much do tickets to an Opera SB show cost?
A: Anywhere between $25 and $249, depending on the manner and time of purchase, and seating preference.

Q: What are “YOU DECIDE!” Tickets?
A: These are name-your-own-price tickets. A minimum price of $25 applies. The minimum price increases as demand goes up, and You Decide! Tickets are discontinued about a week before the show. YOU DECIDE! Tickets are available online only. YOU DECIDE! patrons are seated at the discretion of OSB.  Tickets purchased together are seated together.

Q: Who can buy YOU DECIDE! Tickets?
A: Anyone! There are no restrictions. We want everyone who wants to attend the opera to be able to make their own decision about the dollar value of the experience, according to their interest and circumstances.

Q: What about full-priced tickets?
A: Patrons should buy full-priced tickets if:

  • They want premium seats (Loge and Boxes at the Granada, and Premium Orchestra at both Granada and Lobero)
  • They want to select their own seats
  • They want to purchase tickets by phone or in-person

Full-priced tickets are available through the Granada and Lobero Box Offices.

Q: Does OSB have senior, student, group, and Community tickets?

A: No. YOU DECIDE! Tickets have replaced all those programs. However, we do offer free tickets to students 8-18. Please email [email protected] to inquire.

Q: Can I buy $25 tickets on the day of the show?
A: No. A limited number of those are available, and they always sell out early.Price-sensitive patrons are encouraged to make plans and buy tickets early.

More questions? Email us at [email protected]

You can buy both You Decide! and full-price tickets to our 22|23 Season Opener, Tosca, here.