Passion for great music of all genres and his ability to seamlessly and creatively blend it all together to captivate just about any audience is what makes DJ Gavin Roy stand out as one of the most sought-after party rockers on the planet. Few DJs can creatively cut, scratch, mix, sample and blend music of any style or genre like DJ Gavin Roy. His skills have earned him much respect from fans and peers alike. He has competed and won DJ battles and has been named Best Club DJ by local publications several years in a row. His love for the art of DJing inspired him to launch the Santa Barbara DJ Academy, a school for aspiring music students. He also gives back to the community through music by spinning at charitable events for AIDS research, cancer awareness, child foster care programs, and projects for children and adults with disabilities.

Mixing it up is the key to any well-rounded DJ’s repertoire. DJ Gavin Roy makes his audience fall in love with the dance floor by giving them exactly what they want – and surprising them with unexpected songs, samples, mashups and remixes. As an ever-evolving artist, he is steadily drawn to new ideas, styles and techniques of his peers. By creating Gavin Roy Presents, he has pooled local club DJs and bands into a highly-acclaimed talent agency and production company for exclusive private events.

DJ Gavin Roy’s dedication to his art – producing mixtapes, supporting prominent causes, starting a DJ school and DJ talent agency, appearing on radio shows, chart reporting, video DJing, and more – reveals his drive to push even further. Expect more from DJ Gavin Roy as he follows his passion for music and delivers extraordinary performances to move you and your dancefloor.