Become an Artist Host

Opera Santa Barbara brings some of the United States’ finest performers and creative teams to create the productions you see on our stage. Our ability to bring these artists to Santa Barbara is dependent on our Artist Hosts; it’s your hospitality that enables live opera of the highest quality to flourish in our community!

The Host Program is an invaluable aspect of what we do. The reason is twofold: opening your homes allows OSB to put our dollars toward presenting the top-quality opera productions you see on our stage, rather than diverting these funds to hotel accommodations. In addition, this personal connection allows our artists (who are on the road for many months of the year) to feel truly at home during their stay in Santa Barbara, and eager to return.

Artist Hosts provide each artist with a private bedroom, bathroom, access to a kitchen, and an internet connection. The artists provide their own food, entertainment and transportation. Artists are in Santa Barbara for about 4 weeks for our mainstage productions.

If you’ve hosted an artist before, we hope you’ll continue to do so; if you’ve enjoyed your experience, please tell your friends!

Each Artist Host will receive:

  • Two tickets for the production in which your artist performs. Value: $200.
  • Admission to our opening and/or closing nights parties. Value: $150.
  • A $100 cash stipend to offset any utility expenses incurred.
  • Listing as an Artist Host in our program book.

To Become An Artist Host, Or For Further Information, Please Call 805.898.3890.

It is with the sincerest gratitude that
Opera Santa Barbara thanks our Artist Hosts:

Allan & Joyce Anderson
Mikki Andina
Greg & Debbie Armstrong
Marlyn Bernard Bernstein
Peter & Deborah Bertling
Jo Ann & Howard Chase
Diane Dodds & David Reichert
Carol Duncan
Ralph & Nancy Edebo
Nori Francis
Harold Frank
Virginia Gardner
Kristin Gibbons
Sophia Haimovitz

Milt & Cecia Hess
Rich & Luci Janssen
Mark Kandola & Liz Keate
Chris Lancashire
Sharon Landecker
Sheila Lodge
John Lundegard
Jayne Menkemeller
Eva Menkin
Ron & Becky Mulder
Stan & Edie Ostern
Lois Phillips & Dennis Thompson
Brian & Paksy Plackis-Cheng
Lynette Rintoul

David Rivette & Farzi Yayavi
Laurel Rose
Eric & Sandy Seale
Susan Shields
Gene Sinser & Patty DeDominic
Alan & Laura Smith
Devora Sprecher
Tom & Susan Washing
Jim & Marcia Wolfe
Debra Wyatt
Homa & Margie Yahyavi
Joann Younger
Marilyn Zellet

Photo by David Bazemore