The Opera Lab

About The Opera Lab

The Opera Lab is an innovative highly interactive program designed to teach your students the A-B-and high Cs of opera! Guided by four professional singers specially trained in improvisation, your students will learn the building blocks of this fascinating art form and use them to construct their very own opera, performed for them on the spot.

With its music, theatrics, spectacle and humor, opera has everything people love. That is why year after year, community members and educators who experience Opera Santa Barbara’s programs beg for more. Opera Santa Barbara’s program, The Opera Lab brings an interactive build-an-opera adventure to your students – at no charge to your school!

Our educational outreach programs are made possible due to the generous support of corporate and individual donations. If you are interested in making a contribution to support this program, please contact the opera office.

2018-2019 Reservations

2018-2019 dates now available. Please fill out form below to make your school’s online reservation. We will also send an e-blast out to our list of teachers; if you are not sure if you are on this list or would like to be added, please email [email protected]. The Opera Lab presents two school performances each weekday at 10:00am and at 1:00pm. These assemblies last one class period (about 45 minutes). If your school schedule necessitates a different performance time, we will attempt to accommodate your students where possible.

Opera Lab Reservation Form

Photo by David Bazemore