Ela Weissberger

Concentration camp survivor Ela Weissberger will tour Santa Barbara schools the week of May 15-19, 2017. Ms. Weissberger was in the Terrazin Concentration Camp and participated in the production of the opera Brundibar at the camp. Her presentation will include a short video as well as showing some of the surviving items from her time at the concentration camp.

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Ela will be available for two talks each day at 10:00am and at 1:00pm. These talk will last one class period (about 45 minutes). If your school schedule necessitates a different time, please indicate in the “additional notes” section below and OSB will attempt to accommodate your students where possible.

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    Ela Weissberger's talk and presentation will last approx. 1 hour, and will include the screening of a short video about Brundibar and the concentration camp.
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