Opera SB Operation Eurydice Live Music Calendar


What is Operation Eurydice?

In the spring of 2020, Opera Santa Barbara shifted its focus to support local artists and advocate for all the performing arts and musicians in Santa Barbara, regardless of genre, while our theatres remained closed. We named this initiative Operation Eurydice after the Greek nymph whom the famed musician and poet Orpheus braved the underworld to bring back to life with the sound of his music. Our goal was to contribute to the recovery of Santa Barbara’s vibrant performing arts scene by making live performances of diverse content available throughout our community while directly supporting local musicians. Now that Santa Barbara County is starting to introduce permissions for live music in its health orders, we will continue Operation Eurydice as we:

  • Bring live music back to as many places and neighborhoods in our community as we safely and affordably can
  • Champion and employ creative talent from our region
  • Continue to lead advocacy efforts for the safe reopening of the performing arts locally and statewide

Live Music Calendar

Opera Santa Barbara is currently presenting three live music series. Below are dates, venues, and the musicians and acts for each series. We hope you will join us in supporting Santa Barbara’s performing arts scene, music venues, and hospitality industries. We are thrilled  bring live music back to downtown SB and contribute to the revitalization of downtown Santa Barbara.

Opera SB Night Out
Various Locations
Downtown Santa Barbara

4/2: One2Tree
Uptown Lounge | 5:30-7:30PM

4/6: Chris Fossek
Bluewater Grill | 6-8PM

4/7: John Lyle
Bluewater Grill | 6-8PM

4/8: Mariachi Nuevo Jalisco
La Playa Azul Cafe | 6-7PM

4/13: Chris Fossek
Bluewater Grill | 5:30 – 7:30PM

4/17: Blues Duo: Kenny Sultan & Tina Dabby
Pickle Room | 5:00 – 7:30PM

4/20: Chris Fossek
Bluewater Grill | 5:30 – 7:30PM

4/24: Revitalizing SB: Adriana Reyna | Heart & Soul 
Pure Order Brewing Co. | 2:00 – 9:00PM

5/5: Spencer the Gardener
The Pickle Room | 5:00 – 7:30PM

5/8: The Acoustic Roosters
Uptown Lounge | 5:30 – 7:30PM

5/13: Mariachi Nuevo Jalisco
La Hacienda Restaurant | 6—7PM

5/22: Chillpoint Band
Sama Sama | 5—7PM

6/17: Hugo Satorre & Adam Tully
Buena Onda | 7PM

8/4: “The Unofficial Opening Night of Fiesta” with Spencer the Gardener
The Pickle Room | 6—10PM

The Good Lion, 1212 State St

2/25:  Opera & Musical Theatre | OSB Studio Artists

Sinatra Hits | Zach Mendez & Audrey Yoder

3/4:    OSB String Quartet: Sam Fischer, Karen Long, Jackie Greenshields, & Steven Zander

3/11:   Blues Duo | Kenny Sultan & Tina Dabby – (postponed to 3/18)

3/18: Blues Duo | Kenny Sultan & Tina Dabby

3/25:  OSB Jazz Trio: Andy Langham Santino Tafarella, & Kevin Winard

4/1:  The Olé’s Band

4/15:  Al Vafa

4/22:  Doublewide Kings

4/22:  Spencer the Gardener

5/13:  Jazz Standards and Opera Classics featuring Andy Langham, Audrey Yoder, Zach Mendez, and Matthew Greenblatt

5/20:  The Academy

5/27:  Charlie Baker

6/3:  The Idiomatiques

6/10:  Spencer the Gardener

6/17:  Bobby, Finn & Dave

6/24:  Mezcal Martini

7/1:  Georgetown

7/8:  The Academy

7/15:  The Santa Barbara Jazz Collective

7/22:  Spencer the Gardener

7/29:  OSB Singers

8/5: Takin’ a break — see you next week!

8/12: The Doublewide Kings

8/19: Jackson Gillies Band

8/26: Phil Salazar and the Kin Folk

9/02: Area 51

9/09: Nathan Kipp & the Sure Shot Rockers

FRIDAYS at 6-7:30 PM
1330 State Street

2/12:  Chrisman Studio Artists

2/19:  Brazilian Bossa Nova with Téka Panteriche

2/26:  Guitarist Chris Fossek

3/5:     OSB Jazz Quartet: Jim Mooey, Andy Langham, Santino Tafarella, and Kevin Winard

3/12:   Morganfield Burnett – rescheduled for 3/26

3/19:  The Idiomatiques

3/26: Morganfield Burnett 

4/2 7:00PM – 8:30PM:   Don Pasquale Preview

4/8: Doublewide Kings

4/16:   Jazz du Jour

4/23: Blues Duo – Kenny Sultan & Tina Dabby

4/30:   ChillPoint Band